No suprise, I'm living in Portugal. That's nice, sometimes confusing, often suprising, now and than clarifying and once in while not so nice. Or in other words, many contradictions in the mix as in 'life'.


Portugal is in fact more than just my new homecountry . Married with mr.P from Portugal, having a half-Portugese daughter, a Portugese dog and family in law, I cannot escape Portugal. Not that I want to, because I would be really in the wrong place here.

Hello Portugal is a blog about starting a new life abroad. From emigration to addepting, from rules to laws and from falling down to get back on my feet again. Whilst keep on smiling, to hold on to the mediteranean feel-good-mood, although life isn't always that easy. Also in Portugal ;-) 

Do you dream about living abroad or are you even already making plans to move country? Perhaps you're having a 'multi-cultural' relation, like me. Or you're wondering what a bilingual education takes? With my blog I'll share all with you, my reality, obstacles, the bungling, my reflections and sometimes brilliant inspiration.

Last but not least, Hello Portugal is about Portugal. The local life, special places and traditional crafted products.

I'm living with my husband and four year old daughter Yuna about thirty kilometers from Porto. My husband travels a lot for his work, so I'm spending quite some time alone with our daughter. Since I lost my job recently I'm officially 'between jobs' at the moment, or better 'unemployed'. That doesn't mean I'm getting bored. Next to reading, writing, photography and cooking, I work on a voluntary base for several associations for animalwelfare. Not completely selfless if I'm very honest, because different from what I expected, the social life here turns out to be a bit (let's say) 'different' from Holland. Thanks to my voluntary-work I keep myself a bit 'in the social loop'. It's in my nature to be positive, patient and harmonious (balance). But - fair enough - I have to admit that I also can be exigent, insecure and individualistic. I'm 38 years and Dutch.

Any ideas, questions or doubts you have, please mail me!

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