Allthough I hope to give you a 'feel-good' mood with my website, I would like to take this chance to create a little space for the  1,5 million stray dogs in Portugal. Do you love animals as I do, please take a little moment to continue reading. 


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Bo lives with us. We found her in a shelter nearby, which we visited after a picture we saw from Bibi. You can already make a guess what happened, as we decided to adopt the two dogs. Because while walking through the shelter, we started at the row of boxes of the senior dogs. And there she was, Bo-Matilde. A big black bear, looking to us with sad eyes. We knew right away that we would bring her home. Her age? Thirteen years old, comparable with about 85 human years. She spent ten years of her life in the shelter. Even more reasons for us to adopt her.

I decided to share her story through Facebook, as her life deserves to be told.

December 4, 2017

 (Foto: Hello Portugal)

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Anderhalf miljoen! Naar grove (onder)schatting het aantal zwerfhonden in Portugal. En naar nóg grovere schatting 3 tot 4 keer zoveel zwerfkatten. En hoewel het leven van een zwerfdier al miserabel te noemen is, zo...

April 5, 2017

As a child I dreamt to find a stray dog in front of our door, who -from that moment on- would belong to our family. That dream never came true, fortunately. Because Holland turns out to be one of the first countries worldwide who solved the problem of stray cats and do...

April 2, 2017

The shelter of Dick and Berta has a five-star view over the mountains of Canedo - north Portugal. In fact the only luxury the shelter offers, which was build two years ago from zero. At this moment the shelter offers space to 70 dogs, for which Dick and Berta are worki...

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