Living Abroad

May 29, 2017

Never get discouraged by procedures, rules and laws when planning to move abroad. A new country means a whole new structure of formalities. So next to cancelling your electricity contract, newspaper and sportclub, you should take some more things in consideration. Prob...

May 2, 2017

I would have wished that after part II from my washing machine-issue, the problem would have been solved. It couldn't have been worse, counting six weeks now with issue still pending. Six long weeks of inconvenience, annoying back and forward to the self-service laundr...

April 20, 2017

Funny how it became actually very normal to us that Yuna talks two languages. Although she mostly speaks Portugese, she easily switches to Dutch as soon as my parents are coming over for a week, or while  skyping with my brother. About a year ago she still seemed to th...

April 18, 2017

In case you missed part I, my washing machine broke. Two weeks ago! To be as efficient as possible, we brought it ourselves to the nearest service station and were informed that the broken 'piece' (will safe you technical details) would take at least two weeks delivery...

April 5, 2017

With our move to Portugal, my husband came back 'home' and I became a 'foreigner'. And as a 'good foreigner' I'm busy integrating, adapting and understanding the written and unwritten rules of my new homecountry. Although this sounds a logical thing to do 'as foreigner...

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Or in other words, welcome. Thank you for visiting my website. I will share with you everything about the Portugese life, will bring you off-the-road to hidden 'places to be'. Join me on my travels through my new home country and journey through my life abroad. I'm Marleen, 38 years and Dutch, living in Portugal and trying to addept, integrate, being flexible, not loosing myself out of sight and keep on smiling. Life is good!


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Everything you want to know about living abroad, to emigrate, to integrate and to keep on breathing.


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