Patience is a virtue

April 3, 2017



Children learn at school the 'magical word'. Here in Portugal this magical word is 'patience'. Is it that bad? Yes. In many occasions a ton of patience is required to keep on smiling. Even if that means I need to turn my underpants inside out because of my (%#**) broken washing machine.


I will explain. My washing machine broke, stopped to function. In my world I would call a technician. He would come the same day or the next day, for which I would be charged right away € 65,- (just to ring my doorbell). Then he would make some magic, washing machine would function again and on top of the € 65,- I would probably get invoiced another € 200,-. I almost could have bought a new machine for this amount, but happy with my machine up and running again, I would just lift up my shoulders.


Here, in Portugal, this doesn't function exactly like described above. So, washing machine broke. Try to get somehow the machine in the car. It needs to fit, because the technician can come, but will not be able to give any service on location. He will either arrive to the conclusion that the machine can be fixed, either cannot be fixed. I cannot complain, because I would just pay him € 20,-. As I like to be as efficiënt as possible, we brought the machine right away to the nearest service station. This was Wednesday.


It would take till Friday to get the machine being fixed. You already feel this coming, by Friday the machine didn't turn out to be ready. Or better, they didn't start to fix it yet. Why? Because they were waiting for 'a price'. Meanwhile I had three baskets full with laundry and running out of underpants indeed. I was just about to bring to the self-service-laundry, however my dear mother in law insisted not to spend any money and to do bring the laundry to her. That sounded like a great idea, although it turned out to take the whole Saturday. Not because of a slow washing machine, but as soon as my mother in law starts to talk, she is unstoppable.


Monday afternoon still no news. In this case no news doesn't mean 'good news'. This in fact, was becoming a little nightmare.  My husband called and was being told that they were waiting for a price (?). Reason enough to freak out, so he did. Although I would always prefer to maintain myself calm and polite, for some reason in some occasions here, it helps to freak out. Because all of a sudden there was a price (!). Unfortunately peace remained only for a few minutes, as we were informed that the term of delivery from that 'broken thing' would take at least 2 weeks. Especially 'at least' worries me a lot.


In this moment I'm trying to mentally prepare myself to a whole month without washing machine. I reconsider buying a card at the self-service laundry. Or to spent the next Saturdays listening to the stories of my dear mother in law. Although, that reminds me of the magical word here in Portugal. Patience!








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