The good Portugese life

April 4, 2017

Long before you decide to pack your bags and basicly everything you own to move to this south-western point of Europe, you try to paint a picture about the good Portugese life. You take the first exit and imagine the sun and blue sky. For the Portugese nothing special and sometimes even more an inconvenience rather than a blessing. But as I'm Dutch, sun is a blessing.


Short routes to more clichés


After the first exit, I would propose right away the next exit to a permanent holiday-mood. And since I am already heading for the shortest route, I take the third exit as well to Portugese passion. I could go on and on about this one, but I will keep that for later.


The Portugese life is, that might not be a suprise for you, much more than that. It's a heartbeat slower, where time doesn't matter that much. It's tolerance, politeness, friendly, a bit old fashion and perhaps because of that touching. The Portugese life appeals for its simplicity. I wonder how they do that. And I promiss I will go to find that out for you.


I will take you on a journey through my new homecountry. I will show you special places and tell you about the Portugese daily life. With a smile, a wink and sometimes some tears. As in life.






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