Patience is a virtue - part II

April 18, 2017


In case you missed part I, my washing machine broke. Two weeks ago! To be as efficient as possible, we brought it ourselves to the nearest service station and were informed that the broken 'piece' (will safe you technical details) would take at least two weeks delivery, after which the machine could be repaired within a day. Haléluja!



Today - two weeks after date, we picked up the machine and put it back on its place in the 'lavandaria' (Portugese for laundry-room). For the ones who are thinking the story finishes here....my washing machine is back home in broken condition! Broken! I will update you about past two weeks.


We were informed that a short circuit turned out to be the cause of our broken washing machine and were therefore advised to make a claim to our insurance. So we did. Despite of quite an extensive technical report from the service station, the insurance would send 'a guy' to see this with own eyes. But as with many things here, that 'guy' didn't seem to be in a rush. Or better, after waiting one week and another phonecall, we were informed that 'the guy' wouldn't come at all. The insurance decided meanwhile that our poor washingmachine would need to be transported to their laboratory (seriously!), for further investigation.


Back home


We were delighted to be informed that our machine died from a short circuit indeed, so costs of repair would be assumed by our insurance. With the machine already in hands of the insurance's laboratory, I was just about to think to close this case, when we were informed it would be delivered back to us within the next days, after which an appointment would be made for further repair. 'After which' means something like 'some day'. For sure it doesn't suprise you that at this moment we are still waiting for this 'some day' to arrive. I'm afraid that some more patience will be required to a happy ending after all.


Meanwhile I'm waddlin' to the self-service laundry with full baskets back and forward, spending a little too much money on top of that in exchange for clean clothes. But hey, the insurance wíll cover the costs of repair! I told you, patience is and wil continue to be a virtue!


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