I give up | washing machine - part III

May 2, 2017



I would have wished that after part II from my washing machine-issue, the problem would have been solved. It couldn't have been worse, counting six weeks now with issue still pending. Six long weeks of inconvenience, annoying back and forward to the self-service laundry and even more annoying procedures at insurance company. I'm giving up. It's done with being patient. 


What happened after the 'service-guy' came to fix my machine? The machine was fixed. At least according to this guy. Though after half an hour my laundry machine told something different, with hysterical red lights. "Breath in, breath out', I said to myself. We called the guy, hoping that he would still be nearby, but unfortunately we would need to wait till next day. Ok, we could handle another day. The next day he came, well in time and exactly as agreed. Would this be my lucky day, perhaps? When he finished to check and double check the machine, he assured me that everything was solved and fixed now. He made some tests and promissed me that my arrogant machine would finally behave like a 'good boy' and clean my *%$**# dirty laundry. 


Why a red light was burning again? You must be kidding me. And so the poor service-guy came around for the third time. I could have known that 'third time's a charm' doesn't function exactly like that here in Portugal, because it will be no suprise to you anymore that also his third attempt didn't give any result. 


Begin this week we called the insurance once again. Why we called? Welllll.... our laundry machine is broken since a week or five. "No Madam, our system says that a service has been made and your machine has been fixed and repaired". You're telling me that the machine is still broken? But then we need to open a new process in our system, after which we will get back to you within 48 hours." With another national holiday in between (Dia da Liberdade, April 25th), we are counting today exactly six weeks of pending issue. My positive patience has being turned into a light desperation and I'm wondering if this will ever be solved. I'm throwing in my dirty towel and I'm giving up. Did I ever said that patience is a virtue? For the moment I'm taking this back ;-)






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